May 18th, 2013


1 cup water
1/2 cup rosemary infused olive oil
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup safflower oil
8 ice cubes goat milk (roughly 1 cup)
3 bars (@3 oz. each) basic soap (canola oil soap)

  • Heated the oils in the crock pot.
  • Grated the soap and then put it in hot water I'd had warming in a double boiler.
  • Once the soap had melted quite well I added it to the oils in the crock pot.
  • Just kept warming and stirring till it was smooth.

This turned out as thick as conditioner, but that's how thick Chad wanted it. We poured it into an empty shampoo container we had (no picture for that), and there was still more we had to put in another empty jar. Guessing this is about 37 oz. of very thick shampoo.

We'll both be trying it out tonight and see how it works. (Crossing fingers)

I said we should try it on the dog first. He has no where important to go, and no one to see. So if he ended up with a greasy mass of hair, who would care? Chad didn't feel we needed to take special precautions. lol

Later that night....
I was the first one to try out the shampoo. It seemed to lather just fine, and seemed to rinse well. I think I noticed a very slight oily residue left behind. Not sure though, because once I got out and took a towel to my hair it felt fine. I'll have to see how it dries out.

Two shampoos later....
I still like it. My hair feels more conditioned than I've ever had it, but not with a waxy feel I'd usually have from commercial conditioners. My hair is normally very dry and frizzy. I keep it in a pony tail because it's so poofy, and aggravates me with getting on my face. But even from the first time using this shampoo I was able to have my hair down. I haven't worn my hair down in almost 25 years! The birth of my first child, nearly 25 years ago, changed my hair and put curls in it (along with frizz). So I've been wearing it in a pony tail since then. lol

I don't have any "before" pictures, but here is a couple of "after" pictures. It's odd for me to look at these picture. I'd never looked at the back of my head. lol My hair still looks frizzy in the pictures... but this is so much nicer than it was.

July 28th, 2013

I'd been telling people how this soap I make is gentle and won't burn your eyes or nose, but I had never given it the FULL test until last night. What I had done in the past to see if it would burn is to just go a little crazy with the scrubbing..... lots of lather, all over my face, not bothering to be gentle on locations... up the nose, in the mouth, all on my eye lids. I'd even gotten to were I would have my eyes barely closed, just to see if I felt any burning. I never did, and I told my husband about my experimenting. Well he got bolder than me! He fully lathered his face, and opened his eyes! He said there was no burning what so ever. So I got the confidence to try it also. I can tell you, there was NO BURNING sensation AT ALL. It was about as uncomfortable as having wind blow on your eyes from a fan. It made me want to blink. So I did. Then opened my eyes back up to see if at any point they would burn.

I can say with full confidence I would use my soap on a new born baby and have no worries on hurting them. I was really pleased with that. =) Video below:

Handmade Soap That Wont Burn Your Eyes


  1. How did it dry out? The suspense is killing me!!! Pics, PICS!!

  2. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture before the first washing. But trust me, it was out of control. lol

  3. I've never even thought of trying to make shampoo. Interesting! I ran across a weird idea someone tried out and listed on her blog, to use baking soda in place of shampoo:

    I thought the first post was kind of funny, how to make the perfect lipstick by melting all your lipstick odds and ends together. I don't even own ONE tube of lipstick and this woman has tons. Lol. You have to scroll down to get to the no-poo post.

  4. All that lipstick... wow! I am going to try the no-poo challenge. lol My shampoo experiment has not had 100% awesomeness success. I've instead just been using my handmade bar soap on my head. First time I tried it I thought it wouldn't lather up enough, but it did. It's keeping my hair clean, without being greasy, and most of the "fly-away" is gone. But my hair is still not what I want. I want smooth, silky, soft hair - and I don't mind if the soft curls stay. Instead I have something I call "crinkly" - something in between curly and kinky.

  5. Let me know how it works! I'm a swimmer and just go with regular old inexpensive shampoo to get the chlorine out. If it would be more socially acceptable I'd probably just buzz most of my hair off. I get sick of dealing with hair. Good luck :p

    1. Well, I tried the no shampoo thing... have to say I didn't like it. Rubbing baking soda in my hair was yucky... felt like sand. I was ok with the vinegar, other than the terrible smell. But it did seem to rinse my hair nicely. Only thing is, my hair was oily in a week. I don't think it was cleaned by baking soda and vinegar at all. I'm going to stick to my hand made soap. Anymore I just rub the bar straight on my head. It makes a nice lather, and rinses cleanly.

  6. HA! I've said the same thing... but my husband has serious issues with the idea of me shaving my head. He won't let me. =P

  7. I have just the opposite problem, Beth. My hair is so smooth pony tails fall out. It is irritating to be always looking for where it fell.

  8. Interesting result from the no shampoo thing. How nice that you were adventurous enough to try it! I guess with your experience I'll give it a pass. The idea of using baking soda and vinegar in the gym makes me laugh.

    I'm making a batch of granola right now. I mis-layed my chopped pecans and almost had a freak out. I really wanted pecans in this batch. I can't tell you have fast it goes in my house, seems like a week and its all gone.

    1. One day you should get a bar of homemade soap from someone. Or get adventurous and make some. And try that out for your hair. =)

      We go through a lot of granola here too. I make 1 gallon for me, usually with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins/dried cranberries. Then I make a gallon for my husband with sunflower seeds, almond slices, and raisins. The 2 of us eat all that up every month. Often in just 3 weeks. When I've turned a gallon of it into granola bars, those disappear in about 3 days. lol