Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coconut Milk Soap

This so far is my favorite soap, and everyone who's tried it has really enjoyed it too. What I made has very few ingredient. It was just a way for me to begin making soap without too many complications.

8 oz. Coconut Oil
24 oz. Lard
4.5 oz. Lye
7 oz. Coconut Milk
4 oz. Water

- Put oils in a crock pot or double boiler and allow to melt. Heat it to 90-120 degrees F.
- Slowly pour lye into your liquid. I had used frozen coconut milk (measured the night before, put in a plastic bag, and placed in the freezer). But you could also just mix together the lye into your water, and add the coconut milk later just before your soap reaches light trace. The idea is, you don't want to burn the milk, which can happen easily with things that contain sugars.
- Let the lye and liquid mix to cool to the same temperature you have your oil, whatever that is somewhere between 90-120 degrees F.
- Once they're at the temperatures you want, put the oil in a bowl (glass, heat resistant plastic, or stainless steel - do not use aluminum, cast iron, or copper).
- Mix these together till they reach light trace (if you took a spoon or something and tried to trace a snaky line, it would stay). This looks a bit like pudding.
- If you want you can add other things at this time.
- Pour into your mold and let it set left alone for 24-48 hours.
- Once firm enough, it can be removed from the mold and left to cure for 4-6 weeks.

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